Block AdSense Low CPC Ads plus Other Advices on Ad Channels

You will learn in this post how to block AdSense low CPC ads therefore increasing your daily earning. Using coupons some websites and trades display ads in blogs and sites without paying a cent or just by paying little amount of money.

From one hand, this harms and affects publishers’ daily/monthly revenue. From the second hand, this works very well for advertisers. Sorry my friends! I won’t display your ad banners for free in my websites. I have things to pay as well as there are more important and interesting companies and websites that spend money in order to display ads in websites to promote their services and products.

Ad Channels/Networks

Most of AdSense Publishers specially newbie neglect to manage AdSense Ad channels , which means the kind of ads should be displaying within the website posts and  pages. You should be aware of the type of ads displaying in your websites. Whether they are high or low Cost Per Click ads. Filtering ad channels is something really important to do once you get approved By AdSense. Hum!  Why?

Sometimes visitors got offended when their eyes catch drinking, gambling, or dating ad banners displaying in one of your pages or posts.  Even AdSense calls them as ‘Sensitive ads’. Sensitive means heart touching. According to the context we are talking about, they are negatively heart touching ads that might drive visitors away from your website and never back. The ads displaying in your site are part of its content. You should care about the quality of the displayed Ads as the same as you care about the content quality that you offer in your site.

How to block AdSense low CPC ads from displaying in my website?? (watch the video below) 

Though my website gets Clicks from high paying countries, my daily revenue is so low! We read this common proclamation in many blogs that provide tutorials on how to increase AdSense revenue.

Most of newbie don’t achieve monthly minimum payment.  There are too many things that may affect visitors’ clicks including low CPC ads or/and free ads. I personally hate it when I knew that there are free ads displaying on my site leading to websites (I’m sure you also do).

The process of blocking those ads is so easy but boring. Boring but so important to do! So you have to do it if you really want to increase your AdSense revenue.

The first thing we have to do is to know which websites are displaying ads for free or for low CPC. We will use two websites to do that: and is an online tool that previews the ads displaying on your website. “Based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering.” allows you to see sites and companies spending for Adwords.

Go to ctrlq, write your site domain and click show Google Ads. Wait a few seconds until you see ad banners.  Each Ad banner has a direct link below it. Choose any ad banner, copy the link below it (e.g. past it in the search box of and click search. Once the search is finished click on (ADS) see the screenshot below.


If the result of the search shows “No results found Please try another keyword”, This means that is displaying ads for free on your site. Therefore you need to block it from appearing on your website.

Negative domain search on
Negative domain search on

In order to that, head to your AdSense account, in the left side there is ‘Allow and block ads’ Click on it and choose the site you would like to prevent low CPC and free ads from displaying in. The first option ‘advertiser URL’ permits you to block ads leading to specific URLs. Past domain name in the box and click Block URLs.

Repetition is boring, however you should repeat the same process with the other ad banners displaying on ctrlq. Note: Never click on your Ads or Google will penalize you by disabling your account.

I hope that I have been successful during the explanation process. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your email or comments are so appreciable too. Good luck with AdSense!

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