RoboWear8 A Wearable Robot For Disabled People

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RoboWear8 A Wearable Robot For Disabled People

A robot that helps disabled people to walk again, this is a great idea isn’t?  This is what a group of developers came with recently. They have developed a robot that helps disabled people walk on their own and become more independent. [Scroll down for video]

RoboWear8 is a wearable exoskeleton robot for patients with a spinal cord injury. It allows them to stand up, sit down, and walk. It comes with low-watt motors for hips and knees. Users can change mode using a wristwatch. This robotic system has 4 motors to move knee and hip joints. RoboWear8 developers used a motion sensor around the waist to detect the intention of the user.

Watch this video to see how RoboWear8 works.

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