Check out NASA’s Latest Robot ‘PUFFER’ that can explore risky areas

NASA’s Latest Robot PUFFER

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the US Space Agency ‘NASA’ has developed a nifty companion for its future rovers. The JPL team developed a lightweight scout robot to explore areas that might be too risky for rovers. [Scroll down for the video]

PUFFER is capable of flattening itself, tucking in its wheels and crawling into very small places. As areas with steep slopes or behind sand dunes. Its high-resolution micro imager that was made by The Illinois-based Distant Focus Corporation is sensitive enough to see objects that are a fraction of a diameter of a human hair.

“They can do parallel science with a rover, so you can increase the amount you’re doing in a day,”  “We can see these being used in hard-to-reach locations — squeezing under ledges, for example.” As stated by the project manager.

NASA Latest Robot PUFFER

NASA  Latest Robot PUFFER body was made by a 3D printed-circuit board. By having a circuit board body, developers easily integrated electronic, such as control and rudimentary instruments to the robot.

“The circuit board includes both the electronics and the body. Which allows it to be a lot more compact.” “There are no mounting fasteners or other parts to deal with, Everything is integrated to begin with.” Christine Fuller argued a Jet Propulsion Laboratory mechanical engineer who worked on PUFFER’s structure and tested it for accuracy.

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