Scewo wheelchair can go up and down the stairs smoothly

Scewo wheelchair!

This is Scewo Wheelchair, a self-balancing chair that can go up and down the stairs smoothly.  It provides users with a dynamic driving experience over obstacles and it has various modes Including a Track mode to overcome steep inclines, or tough obstacles. In Elevated mode, wheelchair users will be able to maintain eye contact in an easy way. Scroll down for the video!

The self-balancing chair is still a demonstration prototype and under active development. But let’s see what we can already do and how we climb stairs, as stated by its developers. The chair can be controlled either by the joystick or a shift in body weight.

Scewo Wheelchair provides safe stair climbing and here is how: The well-designed rubber tracks give a smooth and safe ride on the stairs. Thanks to the very wide base of the rigid tracks the chair is stable even on spiral stair cases. Transitioning on and off the stair is automated and accomplished by the push of a button.

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