Exoskeleton Fourier X1 Assists Disabled People To Walk

Exoskeleton Fourier X1

The powered wearable robot, Exoskeleton Fourier X1 was unveiled to the public at the World Federation for Neuro-Rehabilitation Conference (WFNR) in Shanghai on March 20, 2017. Their aim is to transfer the human capabilities and push them to go beyond their physical limits, reported exoskeletonreport.com

This is another robotic solution that helps disabled people to live in a more independent fashion. The Fourier X1 Exoskeleton helps wheelchair-bound people with walking. Wearable system weighs 20kg and can operate for 7 hours on full battery. It uses 4 motors to actuate the hips and knees. Scroll down for video!

At Fourier Intelligence, we do not believe these people are fated to sit in the wheelchair for the rest of their lives. To let them stand up and to allow them to walk again, we started to develop genuinely new exoskeleton products. This began by analyzing the human biomechanics data to measure both the body geometry and gait. The battery-powered system features a light and wearable exoskeleton with powerful motors at both hip and knee joints.”  Proclaimed CEO Jie Gu.

Source: exoskeletonreport

Via exoskeletonreport.com and gadgetify.com



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