Cancer-Fighting Cells can Now be created by using New Artificial Organ

Researchers and scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  have developed a new system to produce human T cells, The white blood cells that fight against disease-causing intruders in the body. The system could be utilized to engineer T cells to find and attack cancer cells, which means it could be an important step toward generating a readily available supply of T cells for treating many different types of cancer.

The thymus sits in the front of the heart and plays a central role in the immune system. It uses blood stem cells to make T cells, which help the body fight infections and have the ability to eliminate cancer cells. However, as people age or become ill, the thymus isn’t as efficient at making T cells, as stated at newsroom.ucla.eduMore Info HERE

The team inserted a Gene for cancer-fighting receptors into blood stem cells. This caused the organoids to produce only cancer-specific T cells. Because other types of T cells could accidentally target and attack healthy tissue, these results are exceptionally positive. If specific T cells can be created and other types turned off, cancer cells can be targeted and attacked without causing autoimmunity problems. Source

This picture shows Cancer-Killing T-Cells. The new Cancer-Fighting Cells system could be utilized to engineer T cells to find and attack cancer that kills T-cells. Picture source:

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