This Is why we shouldn’t place Smartphones under pillows and avoid carrying them in trousers and bras!

Beside technology and science topics, I always try to tackle other serious topics related to human health and its relation to technology, especially the use of mobile phone within society and the danger that this most used gadget is bringing with it.

Are we aware of the serious health problem that mobile phone can cause us? Are we aware of the risks of placing the mobile phone in such places as beneath pillows, in trousers, bras and shirt pockets while sleeping and/or travelling? I think that we are aware of all of its risks, but we ignore them because there are no other alternatives.

Radiation and blue light emitting from mobile phones cause sleep distortion and depression. A new study made by the British newspaper The Independent claimed that, the use of mobile phone before sleeping increases the risk of causing serious health problems related to sleep such as decreasing deep sleep stage, confusion and restlessness.

Another study was made on young persons’ ages of 20 and 24 showed that depression, restlessness and sleep distortion caused due to the immense use of the mobile phone. The same study revealed that cell phones causes sleep troubles in men and raises the danger of causing depression among women.

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    In addition to causing sleep troubles in men, placing the cell phone in trouser pockets may prevent you from having children by affecting your reproductive health. And this has proven in many studies; radiation effect on the reproductive organs though your phone is not receiving calls, moreover placing the cell phone in trousers pockets causes a lowered sperm count.

    Briefly, women who are carrying their mobile phones in their bras, do you know that by doing so you make yourself more likely to get breast cancer? This has proven in many studies as well.

    Carrying mobile phones in trouser pockets, bras, short pockets and even placing them beneath pillows may result in other serious health problems as brain cancer or eye cancer. Studies revealed that we should keep a distance between us and gadgets that emitting radiation, plus decreasing smartphone use.




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