Why Is it Necessary To Turn On Airplane Mode On Aircraft?

You are here because you are interested to know why we should turn on airplane mode on aircraft. The first thing we should do is to define airplane mode; It is an option available on many electronic devices, smartphones and computers, when the setting is on, it disables signal-transmitting technologies and radio frequency including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and telephony. But, of course! You still can use your mobile phone though it is on airplane mode, you can use it music player, or maybe a program to write emails and send them later when airplane mode is off. (Gain more time)

We defined what flight mode is, the second step is to know why airplane mode is necessary to be turned on inside airplane. What would happen if you forget it off? Don’t worry! you won’t cause a crash, but if signal-transmitting technologies and radio frequency as cellular and calls interfere with an airplane sensor, its sensitive navigation equipment may be affected and lead to serious technical problems. simply, that’s  why!

However, some airlines allow you to stay connected by the use of Wi-Fi, but they shut down your access to mobile data and voice calls. Bluetooth is allowable all the time. (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be enabled separately) but be careful! First, be sure that that airline allows you to use Wi-Fi because there still some aircrafts that don’t support that.

Offline mode can be used also while you are on the ground. It is noteworthy to mention that offline mode can help in reducing battery consumption. Another tip that you can use airplane mode for is when your mobile phone is on charge; I personally use it to charge my phone in a fast way.

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