Should I use my computer’s USB ports to charge my phone or is it better to use an electric outlet?

Connecting your mobile phone to the computer via one of its USB ports whether to transfer data or to charge it can damage your phone battery on the long term, making it deliver a shorter runtime and it also could put your private files at risk, as stated on a recent report published by Kaspersky lab.

The negative sides of using the computer’s USB port to charge the mobile phone.

By charging your smartphone via USB port, you expose the Battery chemicals to damage. Simply because the USB host doesn’t provide stable, fast and secure charging. That may lead  to a voltage drop, hence damaging your phone. Unlike cell phone chargers that provide stable and fast charging according to the battery needs.

Many say that charging the mobile battery via plugging it into the computer is a fine thing and it doesn’t bring any risk. In fact, that’s true! But it depends on the USB cable that you  use and the computer’s port that you plug your phone into. ‘Each USB port supply different currents.’

The Positive sides of using the computer’s USB port to charge the mobile phone.

As I have mentioned above, USB ports don’t supply fast charging. And that’s absolutely true; USB port provides half the current, therefore charging the mobile phone battery could take double of time. You may be wondering why I consider this as a positive point.

Well, you should know that slower charging stores more power than a fast one and it slashes battery temperature while charging due to the lower current. Therefore reducing ‘electrolyte destruction’. For instance, when you plug in a phone into the wall charger, it becomes hot due the fast supplied current, while charging it by the computer keeps it normal.

Finally, the 5v, O.5 amp USB ports don’t provide enough current to fully charge the battery. The advantage as stated by  is that the battery ‘will last longer if not fully charged’


Though charging battery via USB port can extremely extend your phone battery life. I suggest you to don’t use it continually. Experts in the field advice you to use the USB port as  phone charger only when you can’t use an electric outlet.  ‘Fluctuation in voltage can damage your phone’



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