[Must Read] How to Stop Android background Apps

You will learn in this post how to Stop Android background Apps. The tip I will be explaining later is 100% working and I use it myself. I think that you know why you should block applications from running in the background of your device. If not, here is why. Android background Apps consume too much RAM. As a result, they slow down your device, they kill battery life and consume too much data. By blocking them you will notice a huge change in your device performance.

What are the applications that you should stop them from functioning in the background?

From my own perspective, any app that kills battery life in the background should be blocked from using data cellular and RAM memory including Facebook, Facebook Messenger and play store. Or any other app that you think it slows down your device. Here is a list of some applications that kill battery power and consume too much cellular data in the background. Clean Master, Facebook, Play Store, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, and Online Music Applications as Spotify.

In order to stop applications from working in the background of your device, you will need to install an application called Mobiwol. And after that you will have to manually force the application to stop working. I had already reviewed Mobiwol Here on Technicalforweb.com. As a brief summary, the app “functions just like a wall that stands between data and applications. To make things clearer, it blocks applications from using data which will help you out at decreasing data usage.”

How to Stop Android background Apps  from working in the background of my  android device?

We will use Mobiwol in this tutorial to help us stop applications from running in the background. Download and Install the application from here (Direct Download.) open the application –> activate firewall status.

After activating it enter to Firewall Rules, search for the app that you want to stop it from running in the background, uncheck Wi-Fi and data icons. That’s it with Mobiwol. As I have mentioned above, you will have to manually force the application to stop working. To do this,  Go to settings –> application –> application manager –> search for the app that you had already blocked at Mobiwol and click Force stop. by doing that you blocked the application from using data cellular, Wi-Fi and  RAM memory. I hope that you liked this trick! (watch the video for more info)

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  • December 5, 2016 at 9:08 am

    For disabling, but not uninstalling, an app, I would suggest Package Disabled. Allows you to to stop a number of apps to run in the background and foreground.

    • December 5, 2016 at 1:10 pm

      Hi Ingoor! thank you for dropping by! Package Disabler is not available for free and it gets bad reviews from users. I don’t know if it works well or not. that’s why i can’t tell if it is a good app or not as well.


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