Russia is planning to offer spacewalks for tourists in 2019

Russia is planning to offer spacewalks for tourists in 2019

Russia is planning to offer spacewalks for tourists in 2019. The firm has revealed plans for a space tourism program. The plan would send up to 6 tourists to the International Space Station. They could stay for 10 days and even go out on short spacewalks. The plan will rely on a new module that could transport up to six tourists to the orbiting space station for a 10-day trip. But, it won’t be cheap – officials estimate the space vacation could cost as much as $100 million.

We are discussing the possibility of sending tourists on spacewalks, Vladimir Solntsev, the head of Russian space company Energia, told Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Solntsev also argued that Market analysts have confirmed this: wealthy people are ready to pay money for this. He said the cost of such a trip could be around $100 million (80 million euros), ‘possibly less for the first tourist’ as he argued. The tourists will be able to ‘go out on a spacewalk and make a film, (or) a video clip’.

Energiya, “Energy”  was behind the launch of the first man in space Yuri Gagarin in 1961, is currently building a new module dubbed NEM-2 to transport tourists to the International Space Station (ISS).

The plan will accommodate four to six people. It will be fitted with

‘comfortable’ cabins, two toilets and internet access. ‘It should be launched in 2019,’ he said. ‘Basically it will be comfortable, as much as that is possible in space,’ the space official was quoted as saying. He added that American aircraft manufacturer Boeing was interested in becoming a partner in the project.

Five to six tourists a year will be able to take a space trip lasting up to 10 days, Solntsev said.




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