About TFW


I began the journey of finding a job. I was so exciting to find one and fill my pocket by money. But unfortunately, what I discover later was shocking; Shock number one, the mission of finding a job that I really like would take so much time and it will be the harshest mission in my whole life. The best part though, is that just before graduation, in April 2016, I began my own Blog. I refer to it as ‘best’ because it helped me to stay productive.

While searching around for tips for creating my Blog, I faced the second shock because I knew that creating a Blog from scratch without having any knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web development or coding would not be easy.

The first thing I thought about was which platform I should use in order to build a website. Second, what should the site name be that would reflect what I do? Third, what kind of topics I should be sharing on my Blog?  Last but not least, who will visit my Blog? I had things to consider, OMG! All these questions were popping around in my head. I had a challenge, although difficult and with a distinct lack of the necessary knowledge, I decided to take the challenge and learn.

Blogging is Passion. Content is king. Two sentences clarify everything about blogging for me. A blogger should write about the topics he really likes. Something that makes him feels comfortable, excited and happy during the writing process.  I like technology and I love to write about it, I have gained enough knowledge about Windows and android operating system in addition to phone applications and Passing on information is something I really enjoy doing it. I was inspired by these things and they made me want to take the challenge and create Technicalforweb.com.

Technicalforweb.com is a tech/science blog. It is dedicated for technology news and product reviews as gadgets, robots and applications.  TFw also provides tutorials on how to use windows programs in the section of ‘tips and tricks’.

Note: Each reviewed phone application or Pc program is linked to its main download page, which  means a secure and direct download.

The blog owner is aware of the efforts that developers do to design a phone application or Pc program, therefore and to make his blog productions more professional, he does not neglect official sources nor supports serials and cracks that are used for payed tools.

Of course, nothing can be done without your support. if you think that I need it , please Share this blog’s link with your friends and family members.